Research & Collections

Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) has a nearly encyclopaedic collection of some 250,000 paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints, photographs, sculptures and craft and design objects, along with coins, banknotes and medals. It covers the period from Antiquity to the present and includes items from all parts of the world. On the following pages we will present the different fields in the collection and the museum’s research work.

As well as preserving its collections, a museum’s work also lies in studying them, with the aim of presenting and communicating the findings. Since the very beginnings of the Halle museum, its directors and curators have always also carried out research into its holdings and published the results in all manner of ways, getting them across to a broad audience. Special exhibition projects have frequently been used to break new ground and learn new things about the history of the museum and its collections.