Wege zur Burg der Moderne

1905: Die Reinhold-Steckner-Stiftung

The first exhibition, in the winter of 2017/18, was entitled 1905: The Reinhold Steckner Endowment, and dedicated to one of the museum’s most far-reaching individual benefactions. While one half of the 100,000 Deutschmarks donated in 1905 by the family behind the successful Steckner bank were used to expand Moritzburg Castle as an art museum, between then and 1911 the other half went into the acquisition of 19 paintings and three sculptures for the collection. These included works by such important artists as Max Liebermann, Max Klinger or Max Slevogt.


When it came to preparing the set of works, which had been thought of as well-researched and clearly understood, gaps were revealed in the knowledge on some items in the collection, and documentation was found to be incomplete. In some cases, extensive research was required in the Halle libraries and archives to document all the works’ provenances and acquisition histories. The result is an exhibition publication which provides the first complete catalogue of these works, which Max Sauerlandt, the first director at the beginning of the 20th century, carefully selected to expand the museum's collections and lay the foundations for its development into one of the leading museums of Modernist art in Germany.