Activities for adults

Whether you want an exclusive, arty lunchtime treat, unusual insights into the art museum on entertaining guided tours or informative lectures on artists, works of art or current research, our wide range of education activities bring you in touch with many facets of art. But perhaps you would actually rather pick up a brush yourself and make the most of our practical programme of art clubs and workshops. Find the activity that best suits you!

More information about our extensive range of tours can be found here:

Tours of Moritzburg Art Museum, Halle an der Saale 

The art museum accompanies its exhibitions with lectures and readings by experts which go into further depth on the subjects. As well as the series of regular events on “Art & Religion” and “Restoration & Research”, the museum regularly comes up with events on special topics or organises panel discussions on fascinating themes such as “Art in the National Socialist era” or “Art in the Soviet Occupation Zone/East Germany”.

Lecture series on “Art & Religion”

The museum’s collections contain numerous works from the late Middle Ages to the present day which explore Christian themes. This lecture series examines both well-known and less familiar subjects from Christian art and compares the Bible stories, legends or iconography on which they are based with other examples from art history.

Lecture series on “Restoration & Research”

This lecture series is organised in association with the German Association of Conservator-Restorers (VDR). It is designed to inform both specialists and interested laypeople about findings gathered in the course of restorations and art technological research, thus improving their understanding of the conservation of art and cultural assets..


Interested in art and want to get creative yourself? Our courses and workshops, run by artists, give you a chance to model your art on the content and internal structure of works of art, in your own unique artistic style.

If you have reached retirement without giving free rein to your artistic creativity and want to get started now, you can let your love of art run free at our workshops for the third age. Every now and then, we hold courses lasting several days for our more mature museum visitors who not only enjoy taking in art but also love getting creative themselves.

Once a month, themed tours are held, along with art viewings and discussions on individual works, at a retiree-friendly time of day and a special concessionary price.

Start2 p.m.
Price    6 euros
Registrationno need to register

For a moment of relaxation during the working day, we offer you an entertaining lunch-break tour to see a specific work of art or on a certain topic.

Start12.30 p.m.
Time20 to 30 min.
Price3 euros | concessions 2 euros
Registrationno need to register

On presentation of your admission ticket, you can eat lunch at the MoritzKunstCafé at a reduced price. 

Lyonel Feininger audio walk

Follow in Lyonel Feininger’s footsteps via an app

This audio tour, an audiovisual information system in German and English which can be used individually, offers visitors the chance to take in the historical views from eleven of Feininger’s paintings as they appear in the city today, following an attractive route through the Old Town.

It tells them about the artist and his life and works in Halle, with a particular focus on the Modernist era in the first half of the 20th century. At the same time, they are offered information about the town’s history.

Just looking at art in a museum isn’t enough for you? Why not pick up a brush yourself and discover your artistic potential? On our art course, beginners and advanced students are taught practical artwork skills under professional artistic guidance. Working in a group, the subjects you cover will range from perspective drawing and composition issues when painting to getting a proper grasp of various artistic techniques.

Run byBurghard Aust, painter/graphic artist
Datesevery 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
Start6 p.m.
Price20 euros a month

Register with:

Sigrid Reiche
T: +49 345 21259-48
F: +49 345 20299-90